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My Services

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Explore Coaching

  • Facing a personal crossroads?
  • Navigating major decisions?
  • Tackling leadership issues?
  • Dealing with challenging team dynamics?

These junctures are an invitation for you to reflect, and it’s essential to navigate them skillfully. I offer effective tools and frameworks to identify obstacles and untangle complex situations. I’ll help you distinguish fleeting feelings from valid concerns, reveal blind spots, and delve into root causes so you can chart the most direct path to achieving your goals.

If you’re ready to explore how my coaching can help, reach out to share your challenges and questions. You are welcome to request a 20-minute complimentary consultation.

My Services

I offer three coaching options, each uniquely tailored to high achievers.

Personal Development Coaching

For individuals & professionals:

  • I will support you to reconnect with your inner compass, shed light on areas that have been holding you back, and sort through your personal struggles so you can lead a life that is truly successful and fulfilling.
  • 60-minute weekly sessions

Executive Coaching

For executives, leaders, and teams:

  • I will help you navigate personal hurdles and team dynamics so you can chart the most direct path to achieving your goals.
  • 60-minute weekly sessions for individuals
  • 60 minute weekly sessions for individual team members

The Custom Clarity Course

For people facing a critical, time-sensitive issue:

  • I will create a customized Clarity Course for you to address your specific goals. These are usually held on the nearest weekend when we are both available.
  • 1-2 day personal workshop on zoom or in person
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