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Navigating life's complexities? Let's discover your next steps together.

Ariela Sarai, MSW

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Hi, I'm Ariela

With over three decades in the coaching industry, I bring a wealth of experiences and proven strategies to my clients. I’ve developed teams, led international self-improvement seminars, and coached high-achieving individuals, including hedge fund managers, VC partners, C-suite executives, founders, and other change-makers. I specialize in enhancing leadership skills, fostering team cohesion, and facilitating individual self-discovery. My approach is always customized to yield tangible, impactful results in both life and work.

The common thread? Helping people navigate life’s complexities with clarity and confidence.


Dive into a couple of my most requested resources:

The 5-Step Sort

For life’s important decisions

– Evaluating a potential relationship or business partnership?

– Wondering if an opportunity is right for you?

– Debating if you should stay or go?

This tool is designed to help you clarify your priorities, evaluate your options, and make choices that align with your values and aspirations.


The Essential Guide

For identifying toxic environments

-Questioning if the stress in your work environment is productive or toxic?

– Wondering whether a once-positive environment has become a cause for concern?

-Having trouble discerning whether challenges are red flags or opportunities for growth?

This practical tool will guide you in making these determinations.

Sort It Out with Ariela

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My Services

I offer different coaching options, uniquely tailored for you.

Personal Development Coaching

For individuals & professionals:

  • I will support you to reconnect with your inner compass, shed light on areas that have been holding you back, and sort through your personal struggles so you can lead a life that is truly successful and fulfilling.
  • 60-minute weekly sessions

Executive Coaching

For executives, leaders and teams:

  • I will help you navigate personal hurdles and team dynamics so you can chart the most direct path to achieving your goals.
  • 60-minute weekly sessions for individuals
  • 60 minute weekly sessions for individual team members

The Custom Clarity Course

For people facing a critical, time-sensitive issue

  • I will create a customized Clarity Course for you to address your specific goals. These are usually held on the nearest weekend when we are both available.
  • 1-2 day personal workshop on zoom or in person

Client Spotlights

Ariela is a game changer…literally the best life coach I have ever worked with! Her incredible communication skills, high integrity, emotional intelligence, and therapeutic wisdom enable her to shake up her clients lives for the better helping them reset, revive and realign! Ariela empowers your courage and gives you the tools to get to the root of any issue with a greater understanding and healing! She is a trusted mentor and life guide and I am honored to be able to work with her!

profile image of testimonial: Mary Alice Stephenson Maxwell

Mary Alice Stephenson Maxwell

Ariela has been working with the Partners at our VC firm for almost 2 years. She has made a huge impact on how I approach the day to day of my job and life. Her work with me, specifically on communication, prioritization and how to make my voice heard in meetings has allowed me to be a more impactful employee & colleague. Ariela doesn’t sugar coat things, but has a thoughtful way of confronting issues and giving me tools and guidance to really support my goals.

profile image of testimonial: Casey Renner

Casey Renner

Ariela possesses an exceptional natural talent and a profound grasp of individual psychology. Her approach is a unique blend of intuition and practicality, compassion coupled with straight forward honesty. She is great at identifying blind spots. Even when I think I have something totally figured out, sharing my circumstance with her invariably leads to indispensable insights I hadn’t considered. Working with her has not only improved my interpersonal relationships in various personal and professional settings, but has also heightened my self-awareness and equanimity. I have referred her to several friends, always with similarly positive results. 

profile image of testimonial: Merrick Kleeman

Merrick Kleeman

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