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Mary Alice Stephenson Maxwell

Ariela is a game changer…literally the best life coach I have ever worked with! Her incredible communication skills, high integrity, emotional intelligence, and therapeutic wisdom enable her to shake up her clients lives for the better helping them reset, revive and realign! Ariela empowers your courage and gives you the tools to get to the root of any issue with a greater understanding and healing! She is a trusted mentor and life guide and I am honored to be able to work with her!

Casey Renner

Ariela has been working with the Partners at our VC firm for almost 2 years. She has made a huge impact on how I approach the day to day of my job and life. Her work with me, specifically on communication, prioritization and how to make my voice heard in meetings has allowed me to be a more impactful employee & colleague. Ariela doesn’t sugar coat things, but has a thoughtful way of confronting issues and giving me tools and guidance to really support my goals.

Merrick Kleeman

Ariela possesses an exceptional natural talent and a profound grasp of individual psychology. Her approach is a unique blend of intuition and practicality, compassion coupled with straight forward honesty. She is great at identifying blind spots. Even when I think I have something totally figured out, sharing my circumstance with her invariably leads to indispensable insights I hadn’t considered. Working with her has not only improved my interpersonal relationships in various personal and professional settings, but has also heightened my self-awareness and equanimity. I have referred her to several friends, always with similarly positive results. 

Luther Kitahata

Ariela has a way of listening deeply where she is able to quickly get to the heart of the issue. Combine that with a practical, action-oriented approach to work through the challenges we are currently facing and you have someone who is incredible at working with people of all types.

Seyi Ogundeji

Ariela has a kind but firm approach, which fosters deep self-reflection and the actions needed for change. Working with Ariela has led to a level of self-awareness I didn't know was possible. I am truly blown away when I look back on how much I have grown both personally and professionally since I started working with Ariela.

Neel Sus

Ariela is amazing. I've done a ton of personal development over the years but recently I had a blocker. I connected with Ariela, and she designed a five-hour, one-time workshop, and in one shot I was able to uncover the root problem, and she gave me tools to use afterward.

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