Scattered Attention

We often feel exhausted. Usually we think of this in physical terms- like needing to slow down and rest our bodies. However, our attention can also become exhausted. Our attention is a valuable commodity, and when we are not using it wisely it can get scattered or disorganized. In this state of mind we may feel like we just can’t act intentionally, and our default patterns can take us over. We may get irritable, distracted, overwhelmed, make up excuses, waste time or give up.

Organizing Your Attention

We know that organizing our environment help us feel better. We can also organize our attention. The best way to start to do this is to take a moment to step back for a moment and prioritize. We have a finite amount of attention. Is time with family a priority? Is working out a priority? Is it vital to focus extra hard on a project at work at the moment? Being in alignment with our priorities and being honest about them will reduce our stress, self-judgment and pressure from others.

Benefits of Prioritizing

-We feel more energized, interested and motivated

-We are more committed and therefore more successful

-We feel in control of our lives

-We are much happier

-We create alignment with our purpose instead of regret

-We have more fulfilling relationships

When we take the time to evaluate what is truly important to us, we can align our attention and our actions with what really matters, and we experience much greater happiness, fulfillment and success.

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