The #1 Key to a Fulfilling Life

Many of us live chronically unfulfilled. Some of us have done it for so long that we don’t even recognize it. We may have an underlying sense that something is missing or that there is more to life, but we don’t know how to get there. We are so used to shutting this down, but there comes a time when we just can’t ignore it any more. How can we create more fulfillment in our life right now?

3 Misconceptions about Fulfillment:

1. We will finally feel fulfilled when we get what we want

We tend to get caught up in the pursuit of fulfillment. Our quest for gratification is often so stressful that we end up feeling depleted most of the time.

2. Fulfillment will come when we find our higher purpose

We may spend our life worrying that we will never find it, or searching the internet for what we should be doing with our life! We tell ourselves that having the right answer will bring fulfillment.

3. Fulfillment is a luxury

It is something we hope to experience after the bills are paid, the house is clean, and our work is done. Fulfillment is one of the quickest things that we let-go of as we get busy and our to-do list gets longer.

These misconceptions lead us to think of fulfillment as something we will experience in the future. Yes, it is an amazing feeling to achieve your goals, live in your purpose and be organized. The thing is, you can’t sacrifice your well-being and expect that it will lead to fulfillment!

The #1 key to creating a fulfilling life is being true to ourselves

We all have the ability to intuitively sense what is right for us. Listening to this guidance is what makes the journey fulfilling along the way as well as when we achieve our goals. When we act out of alignment with this guidance, even if we try to tell ourselves that it will get us what we want, we don’t end up happy and fulfilled.

Creating a fulfilling life is really a result of many moments of being true to ourselves, that all lead to the bigger fulfillment. Even if our life does not reflect who we truly are at the moment (and sometimes we are not in a position to align everything right away) practicing being true to ourselves is like following a compass that is guiding us to where we really want to be.

Through my experiences working with people for over 30 years I have noticed that these 5 actions help us stay true to ourselves.

5 ways to practice being true to ourselves:

1. Be more honest about how we feel

2. Set a goal that is truly inspiring

3. Notice if there are any situations in our life that we really want to change

4. Pay attention to your intuition

5. Do something we have wanted to do for a long time, or stop doing something we have wanted to stop doing for a long time!

We don’t need to do everything at once. We can just start with any one of these. Having a fulfilling life comes from being true to ourselves in each moment on our way to creating a life that reflects who we are and why we are here.

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