Take Charge

Are You running your mind, or is it running You?

Do you often feel driven? You may be driven to take things off your plate, to accomplish certain goals, or to get what you want. Even though being driven can feel like being motivated, it can also be uncomfortable. There is a sense of being slightly out of control. It’s like being in the passenger’s seat instead of the driver’s seat.

Being driven is one of the many signs that your mind is running you. Here are some other indicators:

-There is an automatic stream of thoughts playing in your head

-You are focused on obstacles rather than possibilities

-You feel overwhelmed or distracted

-You have difficulty relaxing

-You are overreacting to things

-You feel helpless or powerless

-You are stuck

It’s not that the mind is bad. It’s just not meant to be the boss! If it takes you over, it will lure you into getting lost in its stories and you will lose your focus, creative power and peace of mind.

“The mind is a faithful servant but a lethal master…”

Love Without End by Glenda Green

You can learn to be in the driver’s seat of your own mind. This means you develop the ability to modify or clear out old stories, create new beliefs that lead to new experiences, follow your gut, trust your decisions, choose your responses to things, and focus. Training your mind requires a commitment to learning some skills and practicing. If you do embark on that journey you will find that your mind becomes your greatest ally. It will support your true intentions and you will experience being remarkably present, inspired and productive.

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